CNFS Offering - Contributions: Posting a Contribution to an Individual Not in Family Directory

How to post a contribution to an individual or family who is not currently in the parish's Family Directory

Depending on the individual's status - 

  1. If they are in the diocese: pull a copy of their family record into your family directory, as unregistered. Post to that.
  2. If they are not in the diocese: create an entirely new family record for them, marking it unregistered.

Either process begins the same way:

  • Open ConnectNow. Go to Family Directory. Go to the Family List.
  • Click on the Green button that says Add New Family.
  • You will be taken to a new screen, and there will also be popup window that says Find Family.
  • Search by Organization: All, if you have that function, and enter in the last name. Click Enter.


If you see a record whose last name, first name, and other information matches the individualthey are in a different parish in the diocese.

  • Select the record. Click Move Selected Family, then select As Unregistered. This will pull in a copy of their family record to your family directory. You can assign whatever envelope number you want. (Envelopes from one parish won't carry over to another parish.) You may now post contributions to this Individual.

If you don't see any records that match the individual:

  • Click the green button that says Add New Family. Input as much information as you know about the individual. Make sure the first member you create is the individual, and mark him or her as "Head" because someone in the family must be the "Head." You can enter in other member information if you would like. You can also assign them whatever envelope number you want.
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