CNFS Family Directory - Family List: How to create a full or filtered envelope number report.

How to create a full or filtered envelope number report

  1.  Open ConnectNow. Click on the Family Directory tab. Go to the Family List.
  2. If you want all families, skip this step. If you want only some families, set filters using the funnel icon, the search bar, or the number or letter buttons, so that you see only the families you want.
  3. Click on the Quick Reports button on the far right.
  4. Select Full Envelope Numbers, or Filtered Envelope Numbers if you have set filters to see only some families.
  5. You'll now see a list that includes envelope numbers, first names, last names, mailing names, and addresses.
  6. You can save it as is (as a PDF).
  7. You can also export it to CSV by selecting "CSV" from the dropdown menu at the top right and hitting the Save icon.
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