CNFS Family Directory - Family List: How do I Print a List of New Parishioners

The goal of this document is to show you how to print a list of new parishioners. 



  • Open ConnectNow. Go to Family Directory. Click Family List.
  • Click the white funnel icon that says "Filter" when you mouse over it.
  • Click on Advanced Options in the pop-up window. Check Registration Date. Fill in the desired From and To dates. You are filtering the families by their date of registration.
  • Set Family Group to All Groups, Send Envelopes to Any, and the other filters as you would like. You likely want them to be as inclusive as possible. Using the Membership Filter, mark if you want to include All parishioners or just Registered ones. Click Apply.
  • Now, back in your Family List, you have several options. (First, check the box next to Family to select all Families. If there are more than 10, click Select All XXXX Families.)
  1. You can send an email to all of them using the email icon (envelope with a pen in front of it).
  2. You can export this list to a CSV document by clicking on the icon that looks like an Excel icon.
  3. You can do a Mail Merge by clicking on the mail merge icon (looks like two pieces of mail).
  4. You can generate one of several quick reports by click the green Quick Reports button. Choose Family List for a simple, well-formatted list of the families. You can also generate Family Mailing Labels or a list of all families with Envelope Numbers.

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