DFS Family Directory - Troubleshooting: Invalid Family Group Detected


The following message displays upon opening a record's Family Information in Family Directory:

The 'Family Group' was not found in the Lookup table. If found, the process will default the 'Family Group' to 'Active'.

Click "Update' to save the default value or change it to the appropriate value an update.  


After clicking "OK" on the message the Family Information will open and the "Family Group:" field will be blank without "Active" offered as an option in the drop down menu. 


  1. Navigate to the PSData Path (database location) and make a copy of the database by right-clicking, Copy, Paste
  2. Click About in Family Directory, then ParishSOFT System Information, then Lookup Tables
  3. Click Refresh Lookups from Diocese
  4. Click Close, restart Family Directory and verify message no longer displays and family records have correct/expected "Family Group:" filled
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