PSFS Religious Ed - Classes: How to Clone a School Year (Copying Classes from One Term to Another)

How to clone a school year (copy classes from one term to the next)

  1. First make sure that you have created a new term to copy the classes into.
  2. Go to Religious Education > Tools and click on Bulk Class Manager.
  3. Select the Action: Copy Classes from Another Term.
  4. Select original term from which you would like to copy the classes.
  5. Select the classes to be copied and click Term & Classes in the lower right corner.
  6. Select your destination term (this is where you want the classes to be copied).
  7. Select the session you want to copy classes to.
  8. You may define the details of any classes you are adding. Or, you may mark a class you do not want to add to the next session and click the waste-basket icon. Then, you must check the Confirm checkbox in order to apply the changes.
  9. Click Add Classes to Term to copy/add classes to the selected term.
  10. A message will pop up indicating that the operation was performed, and offering a link to the term where the classes were added.




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