CNFS Family Directory - Member List: Cannot Edit Member Due To Duplicate Marriage Record

When duplicate marriage records exist for a member, sometimes you cannot edit the member record. You will get an error message saying that the sacrament cannot be updated because the member belongs to an existing marriage record.

This happens because the member record always displays the sacrament record created last, which has a higher Sacrament DUID. If there is a duplicate record that was created earlier, with a lower Sacrament DUID, this record is causing the error message.

To fix this issue:

  • Look up both marriage records and find the one with the lower DUID.
  • Uncheck the "Completed" box on this record.
  • Now clear out any fields you can. Some cannot be cleared.
  • Give the record an end date. Choose any date in the past. 

Now you should be able to edit the member record without an error message.

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