CNFS IQ - How to create sub-queries in IQ


The goal of this document is to show you how to create sub-queries in IQ.  There are two ways you can use sub-queries in ConnectNow IQ, and this article will look at both.

Before getting to the steps for creating them, what is a sub-query?

- A sub-query is a query within a query.  Think of it as a sub-set of conditions applied to a query.


Training Steps:

The first way you can build/create a sub-query is to use the bracket conditions button found at the top of the Query Conditions area in IQ.

  • Click the {+} button to add a new group of conditions.  The new group will look like this:

  • The "Batches Actual Credit Total" is added automatically but can be changed.  Just click on that link to change it to a new value or use the red X to delete it.
  • To add more than one condition to your sub-query, click the plus sign in the header of the new group:

  • The link at the top (defaults to "any") indicates how the conditions will be applied.  By selecting "any", the results will include records that meet any of the conditions in the sub-query:

  • If you want to add other conditions not related to the sub query, click the link to add a new condition or use the Column Picker to include those conditions.


The other option for sub-queries comes within the conditions area. 

  • Once you've added a condition on which to build the sub-query, click the link to change the value of your condition.  Select "in sub query" to build the sub-query from here:

  • Once the condition is changed, you'll see a link to edit the sub-query:

  • After you click on this link, a new window will open where you can add the group of conditions:

  • Once all conditions have been added, click OK to close the window and return to the query.  You won't see the conditions in the sub-query from the main IQ page but can click the "edit sub-query" link to view your group of conditions at any time.


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