CNFS Family Directory - Communication: How to Create a Mail Merge Template in Landscape Orientation

At first glance, it looks impossible to create a new mail merge template with landscape orientation.  But you can produce a mail merge template in landscape orientation if you create it in Microsoft Word and then import it into ConnectNow from the mail merge page.

  1. Open Microsoft Word, and create a document in landscape orientation. It doesn't have to have any text in it. Save it as a .doc file, and give it a name you will recognize when you browse for it later.
  2. Begin a mail merge in ConnectNow.
  3. When the Silverlight window opens, click on "Open Local Template".
  4. Browse to find the file you created, select it and click "Open".

You should now have a landscape-oriented screen to work from as you create your mail merge template.

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