CMS People - How to Move CMS Products to a New PC

To move your CMS product installations to a new PC follow these easy steps.

  1. On the old PC open (My) Computer and open the drive that the CMS Products are on.
  2. Copy any and all CMS folders you wish to move to the new pc. Names could be Cms4win, Fin4win, CMS2010 Archive, Fin2010 Archive, CMS09-10 Archive and FIN09-10 Archive. These are just some of the naming conventions you may have. Make sure to copy all the files to a portable storage device such as a USB flash drive.
  3. Once the files are on the media you wish to use to port over to your new PC make sure to eject that media correctly and then insert it into your new computer.
  4. From the new computer open (My) Computer and open the media drive that has the CMS programs on it.
  5. Copy all of the CMS program files again.
  6. Back up (in My Computer) until you see your new computers C drive and open it.
  7. Paste the files to your new C drive.

Please refer to instruction on how to run workstation installs and creating icons if needed.


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