Logos Ministry Connect - Bounced or returned MC transactions LC

You may or may not be familiar with transactions that are "late returned". These are ACH transactions that initially processed fine, but then a few days later are returned by the donor's bank. The banks have about 7 working days to initiate a "late return" on a transaction, for a number of reasons (like insufficient funds, invalid bank account #, etc.)

We now handle these "late return" transactions. When a late return happens, the donor and the org will receive an email from the Logos Connect system notifying them. In the LC site, the donor will see a new negative transaction, with a Type of VOID. They can click on the VOID, and it will open a pop up showing the reason given by their bank for the return, as well as the date, amount, and account of the original transaction, to help them identify which one had the problem. Also, a negative amount will sync into LII with their next sync.

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