Logos Global Backup - Training: How to Set-Up, Schedule and Check Global Backup

 Checking Global Backup

  1. Find the Global Backup exe file and run it. It is in Logoswin\globalbackup.

You may pin to Taskbar or Pin to Start Menu if you would like, by right clicking on the exe file.

If you run Logos from a server, Global Backup MUST be on the server and set up from the server. You must be logged in as the Administrator to set it up properly.




  1. This screen will display.

  1. Click [New] for the next screen
  2. Enter the description of this backup.
  3. Mark the days and enter the time you want this backup to occur

  1. Click [Scan] and it will scan your hard drive and list the files you may
  2. choose to backup. Select the files you want to backup. (left window) (example on next page)
  3. For local backups, select the destination drive. (right window) (example on next page); For Off-Site backups through ParishSoft, Logos, mark the box that says Backup to FTP site.


  1. Click on [Schedule] PLEASE NOTE: you may save the backup to both your local destination and to our FTP site. They are not exclusive. If you are only saving them to a local drive, setup is complete and you may go to the section titled: CHECKING TASK SCHEDULER. If you are only backing up to our FTP site or you are doing so in addition to the local backup, continue with these instructions.
  2. Click on [FTP Setup]: the following window will display.

Username: Your Customer Number        Password: Your Customer Number forwards and backwards.      Example: Username: 1234               Password: 12344321


  1. Click on [Test Connection]
  2. If you are set up to save your backup to Logos ftp site, you may verify they are scheduled by going to the section titled: CHECKING TASK SCHEDULER. In addition, you may check your backups whenever you want. See section titled, Checking Your Backups.



Task Scheduler

This saves a task in the Windows Task Scheduler. You can open the Task Scheduler to verify the task was saved and to troubleshoot problems if the backup is not running as scheduled.

Start > Search > Task Scheduler > Right Click > Run as Admin. When it opens, click on Task Scheduler Library.

The Global Backup tasks will have a task name beginning with LGB:

You can see the details of the task definition, when it’s next scheduled to run, when it ran last or what the last action was. By clicking on the task you can see further details below. Double click to open the task. One additional item may need to be added if the scheduled task will not run. Open the task and check the Run with highest privileges box.


Checking your Backup


To look at our FTP site and check to see when the last backup was run, you may do the following:

In Windows Explorer, enter the following link: ftp.logosdc.com

You will be prompted to log in. Your username is your customer ID (1234) and your password is your customer ID forwards and backwards (12344321).

If it is set up correctly, you will see the following only with your applications and with current dates.


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