LII People - When a Couple Marries

Reminder - Logos People Products and Logos Accounting Sunset date 03/29/2019

  • If the new Head of Household, has an existing .01 ID number, change the new spouse’s ID number to become the .02 record with the same Family ID as the .01 (Update ID Number on the People Data Entry panel).
  • If the new Head of Household still has the ID number assigned to the parent’s family, change both newlyweds to a new Family ID number (Update ID Number).

Transfer History

This Contributions > Utilities routine moves all contribution data (including pledges) from one record to that of another person —

  • When a married person with a .01 record dies, you must transfer that person’s contribution data into the record of the surviving spouse (.02) and define that record as a Single Account.
  • When a married person with a .02 record dies, if the couple was defined as a Joint Account, there is usually no contribution data tied to that record, but the surviving partner should then be defined as a Single Account. If the deceased Spouse was defined as a Single Account, in most cases you would transfer that person’s contribution data into the record of the surviving partner (.01).
  • When a couple gets married, transfer the data for the new Spouse (.02) into the new .01 record. (If the newlyweds were formerly listed under their parents’ records, first create new .01 and .02 ID numbers using the Update IDs)
  • If Logos II records are being synchronized toMinistry Connecton the Web, either both persons or neither person selected in this routine must have records defined in Ministry Connect. If only one person has a Ministry Connect record, an alert will notify you to mark the Publish to Web check box (Personal [Member] tab in Manage People) for the one who does not have a record. Then you must run the Logos Sync Utility to upload the data to Ministry Connect. Then you can transfer the data between records.


  • Contributions data for a married couple defined as a Joint Account is automatically stored with the .01 record to ensure consistency and accuracy in financial record keeping.
  • This routine also transfers any Pledge information that was entered in Pledges.

                Contribution Account Type ¯The Account Type for the recipient record will be set to Single. When a married Head of Household dies, the surviving Spouse is automatically set to Single. When a couple gets married, in order to transfer any giving from the new .02 Spouse record to the new .01 Head record, both need to still be defined as Single. After transferring the contributions, use the Change Account Type utility to define their Account Type as Joint.

  • Use "From" Envelope Number ¯ If the envelope number assigned to the "From" person should now be assigned to the "To" person, mark this check box. (For example, with a married couple defined as a Joint account, their envelope number is stored with the .01 record, and the .02 record shows 0 (zero) in that field. In most cases, the envelope number should be transferred along with the giving and pledge history.

                Transfer – Select this button to process the data change.

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