Go-Global - Reminder Two Logins

When you are hosted, there are two logins. This Help Article will give you a clear picture of each.

Your hosted (Go Global) username and password is set up by ParishSOFT Logos Support. It is the first login you use. The protocol for the username is: firstinitial.lastnameL### where ### is your customer number; example: KSmithL1234.  To request additional Go-Global Logins, email Support@ParishSOFT.com and ask for new Go-Global Logins giving us the full name of each individual you would like added.

We initially give you a password and you must change it when you first log in. After you change it, we can’t tell you what it is, but we can reset it for you if ever necessary.

You will be prompted to change your initial password when you first log in.

Click Here to see the Login Process for Go-Global in pictures.

The Logos Software credentials (username and password) are set up by the church Administrator. You decide the protocol for the username and you decide who gets to see what within Logos. Some customers find it easier to use the same username for Logos as is used for Go-Global.

Click Here to see the Login Process for Logos.




Go-Global Login Process in pictures

Note: the Host Address may be different than that in the picture. If you use this Host Address and get a blank screen with no Logos Icons, try using Hosted.LogosCMS.com instead.




Logos Login Process in Pictures



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