CNFS Family Directory - Workgroups: How do I Email More Than One Workgroup At a Time


The goal of this document is to show you how to send emails more than one workgroup at a time.


Training Steps:

  • Go to either the Family List or Member List, depending on whether your emailing family or member workgroups.
  • Open the white funnel and select the workgroups you need to email.  You can also set additional filters to focus on only those who are registered/active, etc.  Click "Apply" when done.
  • Back on the Family/Member List, click the email icon.  
  • To send emails to all members/families in the selected workgroups, click the "Load From Grid" link on the right side of the email window.
  • Select the web-based or outlook option that applies.
  • Compose message as normal.
  • Click "Send"
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