LII Attendance - Reports: How to Omit Prospects from Reports

To exclude Prospects or Others from your Enrollment Calculations, you must create a special code for them in File/Preferences/Attendance. The example below uses a hash tag as the code.

Then, under Update Attendance, you would add a hash tag to the Position field for the student.


From the Help files:

Report Options

  1. ExcludeProspects/Others - You may mark this check box if you want to define a special Position Code for people who are not considered "members" of a group but who have been assigned to that group as a prospect or who are in the process of deciding whether or not they want to "join" the group. You may also use it for members of a group who have accepted leadership roles in other groups, but who want to retain their connection to their original group.
  2. Prospect Position Code- If you marked the Exclude check box, this field becomes active so that you can enter the one- or two- character code that you will use to designate those to exclude from Attendance enrollment or absentee calculations. Then, go to the Update Attendance routine and enter this code in the "Pos"column of people are not to be counted as absent nor included in enrollment totals. These people will print on rosters, reports and labels when you select the group(s) in which they are listed. If you want to exclude these people from printing on a specific report, use the Attendance Search Criteria tab, indicate thePosition code(s) to exclude, and then in the Compare with Prior Table window, mark the Select all records not having this data check box.




Sometimes groups want to add certain people to groups without "officially" enrolling them. This is often done so that these persons can be included in mailings and e-mails that have information about the group and its activities, but at the same time, these people are not included in the enrollment totals, nor are they counted as absent. If they do attend a group session, they are counted as present. Typically, these people are —

Prospects — Persons who have not yet attended the group, but who are actively being invited to participate. Also, people who have attended, but who are in the process of deciding whether to "join" on a regular basis.

Teachers — Some groups do not want persons marked as Teachers to be counted in the enrollment totals. This is often the case when teachers serve on a rotating basis, and do not want to be considered as "absent" when they are not scheduled to teach.

Serving Elsewhere — Some groups want to retain the names of people in their group who are currently working with another group at the same time (e.g., members of Adult classes who are teaching Youth or Children’s groups).

To identify such people —

  1. On thePreferences > Attendance screen, mark the Exclude Prospects/Others from Enrollment calculations check box and define a Prospects/Others Position Code (e.g., "P" or "X" or any one- or two-character entry).
  2. InUpdate Attendance, add these people to the desired Attendance groups and enter that defined Position Code in the Poscolumn in the grid.

To locate such people —

  1. Select any report or grid that usesSearch Criteria and select the Attendance 
  2. Mark the Postion option button in Step 1: Select Attendance Type.
  3. Select the definedPosition Code in Step 3: Enter a Value.
  4. In the grid displaying Groups, select the Group(s) to search.


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