Go-Global - How to set up a new customer in Go-Global

Contract shows up for Professional Services after IT has sent fulfillment email

to the customer (which states that team member will be calling in the next couple


Call customer after 24 hours, but before 72 hours has passed.


  1. did you get the instructions, have you gotten logged in successfully? If no, then let me help:


  1. Explain dual login concept and that GG is an internet application- if the internet drops, then it will drop.

There are two logins when using Go Global. One is when you first log into Go Global and the second is the login to the Logos Software.


  1. Get hosted set up on 1 computer, then help them log in the first time to Logos, make sure they take notes so they can do it on the rest.


  1. Explain how to add printers to GG and how to hosted-save local. Point them to videos for training other staff on this. File\Printers Populates a list of printers that are local to that pc, and allows you to add them to Go Global.


Then, once you’re in Logos, must add the printer again, through File [Printer Setup]


  1. confirm that all modules/add-ons are present for the customer.
  2. explain that all updates are done by us, backups are done nightly.
  3. If they are using Ministry Connect, make sure they have a sync defined

correctly in Dashboard Sync on the hosted server.

(desktop conversion only)

  1. Restore local data to hosted data through the interface from their computer, using FTP to transfer zip files if dataset exceeds 100 mb. (Make sure to backup AND restore subdirectories to include pictures, reports, etc)
  2. confirm program links are correct between applications
  3. remove local desktop icons so they don't log into the wrong application.
  4. explain that User reports are included in hosted. (make sure added) 
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