Go-Global - Login: How to login for the first time

How to login for the first time

Thank you for choosing Logos software! We are confident that you will find it a valuable addition to your ministry. Logos uses a third party application, called Go-Global, to allow you to connect to your Logos programs hosted on our remote server. Go-Global acts as a “bridge” between your local computers and the Logos remote server, enabling anytime, anywhere access to your Logos hosted programs.

Once you have signed in with Go-Global you will be presented with a desktop window containing icons used to access the Logos programs your organization has purchased.

Before you can begin using your Logos software you must create user accounts for the different employees and volunteers that will be using the software. The process of creating users is the same in all programs. For this tutorial, we will be showing the Logos II software.

  1. Double left-click on the Logos II icon on your Go-Global desktop. The login window will open:
  2. In the Username field type master and in the Password field type the password. Click the Login button.

    The master account is the default Administrator account for all Logos programs. It is recommended that you only use this account to log into the program for the first time, and then disable the account. You can assign any account you wish to be an Administrator, which will have the same privileges as the master account.
  3. Once logged into the program, click on the System & Users tab.
  4. From there click on the Users button and then click Maintain Users.
  5. Click on New.
  6. In the Username field type in your desired Administrator account username. We recommend naming your Administrator account Administrator. Click Change Password to define the password. We recommend a password of at least eight characters that consists of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and alphanumeric characters such as !, @, #, etc.
  7. Click the drop-down arrow next to Default Directory and choose DATA. Check the System Administrator box to make the account an Administrator. Then click Save.
  8. Once you have created your new Administrator account we strongly recommend disabling the master account. To do this click on the List tab.
  9. Click on master in the grid, and then click on the Data Entry tab.
  10.  Uncheck System Administrator and check Inactive and then click Save.
  11. The master account is now disabled. If you try to sign in with that account you will receive the following error message:
  12. Follow steps 5 through 7 for each additional user account you need to define, for each Logos program. In step 7, only check System Administrator for those users who should have Administrator privileges.

Adding New Printers
Follow these simple steps to add a new printer to your Go-Global connection.

  1. Make sure your printer is configured on your computer and network, and that you are able to print to that printer from other applications on your computer such as Microsoft Word or your email program.
  2. From within the Go-Global window, click on File, and then Printers.
  3. Click the Add button on the right side.
  4. Select your new printer in the list, then click the Add button.
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