Go-Global - Install: How to download and set up the Go-Global Client on a Mac


Logos Facility Scheduler is being sunset by the year ending 2021. Your account manager has information on our product, ParishSOFT Facility Calendar, which would be an excellent replacement.

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Logos uses a third party application, called Go-Global, to allow you to connect to your Logos programs hosted on our remote server. Go-Global acts as a “bridge” between your local computers and the Logos remote server, enabling anytime, anywhere access to your Logos hosted programs.

For security reasons, we recommend that you follow these steps immediately upon receiving your Go-Global username and password.

1. Open your web browser (Safari, Chrome, etc.) and go to the Go-Global Installer Files. Click on the Go-Global for MAC link.

2. Download the file and run it. Select Continue.

3. Select the Destination drive (in most cases Macintosh HD) and click Continue again.

4. Select Install to install the G0-Global MAC software.

5. When the installation is complete, select Close to exit the installation routine.

6. Open Applications. Double click on the gg-client icon to open the Go-Global program.

7. Type in hosted.logosdc.com in the server address box. Click Connect.

8. When the Logon window appears, enter your Username and Password (Contact Logos Support if you do not have your Username and Password), then click Logon to access your Logos programs.

9. If this is your initial login, the program will prompt you to change
your password. We recommend using a secure password consisting of at least 8 characters, including a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special characters.

10. After changing your password, the Go-Global program will connect you to the Logos hosted server and will authenticate you using the Username and Password that you defined in the previous step. A new window will display, showing icons for the Logos programs which your organization has purchased. Simply double click on an icon to open a program.

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