LII Attendance - Check-in: Comprehensive Resources and How To's

The Child Check-In process begins with purchasing the equipment:

        Label Printer: Dymo Label/Writer 450

Workstation Recommendations: Check-in works on wired workstations. We advise against wireless

        Monitors: Using touch screens for Check-in is fine, as long as everything is wired

The Next step in the process is setting up your system:

    Child Check-In information: Help File Link

  • Discusses how to Setup and Print Dymo Name Tags at Check-In
  • Operating Check-in
  • Install/Define Dymo Printers
  • Dymo Label Options: Define and Select

    Dymo Printer Setup StepsHelp File Link

  • Walks through Install/Format of Dymo Printer
  • Walks through defining Labels in Logos
  • Walks through testing the Labels

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