PSA Reports - Hyperlinks: How to remove hyperlinks from an excel worksheet

How to remove hyperlinks from an excel spreadsheet

If you want to remove the hyperlinks, but leave the text, then press ALT+F11 to open the VB editor and paste or type the following into the Immediate Window (if you don't see it, press CTRL+G)... then press Enter.  Close the VB Editor Window and you will no longer have hyperlinks.


For versions of Excel beyond 2007:

If the hyperlinks are in the same worksheet, you can use the Remove Hyperlinks function to remove them.

doc remove hyperlinks 1

1. Select the range containing hyperlinks you want to remove.

2. And then right click, on the context menu, click Remove Hyperlinks, see screenshot:

3. And all the selected hyperlinks are deleted at once.


  • This method is not available for Excel 2007.
  •  If you have to remove hyperlinks in different worksheets, repeat the operations again.
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