Logos Sacramental Register - Link Logos II and Sacramental Register

Logos II and Sacramental Register have a somewhat complex relationship until you understand the links. There are two types of Links. One is the program link, which you set up through File/Preferences/Program Links in each program.  The other is the record link. Each record in Sac. Reg. must be linked to the corresponding record in Logos II. It will only be linked if you:

  1. When the member exits in LII but not in Sac Reg. data base, import the members from LII. These imported items will automatically be linked to the LII records. OR,
  2. Having already manually entered individuals into Sacramental Register, you manually link the two records.



  1. When Sacramental Register and Logos II records are linked, the sacramental information may no longer be updated via LII (although it will display), but must be updated via Sacramental Register.
  2. When there is a member in LII but not in Sacramental Register, it is best to import them into Sacramental Register. This will automatically Link the two. After they are linked, enter the sacramental information into Sacramental Register.
    1. To import, select the Import option, then choose one of the options on the next screen. The example shows the Select by Individual option. Enter the last name and then click, ‘Retrieve Matching Members.’ The screen will populate with all members whose last name matches. Highlight the one you want to import and click the ‘Retrieve Matching Members’ button. You may do this for each member until you have imported all the members you want.


  1. If you have already manually entered the member into Sacramental Register, and you have entered some of the sacraments for them, it is best to link this member to LII via the ‘Link to Logos II’ button rather than using the Import function (which will create a duplicate entry). A ‘Select Individual to Link’ window will display. Click the ‘Retrieve Matching Members’ button.


  1. If you DO NOT want the sacramental information currently in LII to overwrite the information in Sacramental Registry for this individual, mark the ‘Do not update SR Data’ box. They will be linked, but the information you have already entered in Sacramental Register will stay as you entered it.
  2. If you do not mark this box, the information you added to Sacramental Register might be wiped out by the LII information.
  1. If you want the address information from LII to update Sacramental Register automatically (once they are linked), you must mark the box in LII, File, Preferences, Program Links, Update Sac Reg with LII address information.

Hosted customers data path would look something like the data path shown below:


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