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In order to print a Marriage Certificate for a couple, Information must be entered in a very specific order. No names will appear in the Certificate of Marriage entry form application until these steps have been taken in this order:

For sake of clarity, we will use the Bride as the example, but you may start with either.

  1. Go into the Bride’s People record and mark her as Married. Leave her Baptismal name the same (which is her maiden name), but add her legal name which is her married name. In addition, fill in the Gender field. If you omit this step, the marriage tab will not populate correctly.

  1. Now, click on the Marriage Tab and enter the Bride’s marriage information.





  1. While still in this record, click on either the [Groom’s Information] button and fill in the Spouse’s information fully.

  1. Once you have filled in this information for the Groom, his own married tab will be populated with most information. You must, however, go to his Personal record and change the Marital Status field to ‘M.’
  2. Now that this couple’s information has been entered into the application, you may print a certificate for them. When you go into the Marriage Certificate entry form, the only people who will populate here are those for whom you have followed the above steps, so their information has been entered and linked as described above.

  1. To print another certificate for another couple for whom you have entered as directed above, you may simply select the new Groom’s name and the next couple will display and be ready to print.
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