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Ministry Scheduler/Manual Schedule Select items


When you add a ministry to an event AFTER having run the auto scheduler, the event will NOT show up in the manual schedule.


Here is an example of how you may fix this:

  1. Alter Server not initially included in event, Auto Scheduler is run, Altar Server Added to event, Alter Server does not show up in Manual Scheduler



  1. To resolve this for ONLY this ministry, go into Auto Schedule, Select the Specific Date, select the ‘Schedule Selected Events/Ministries’



  1. Uncheck all events except the one for which you want to update the schedule. Uncheck all Ministries except the one that was initially left off when your first ran Auto Schedule. Click Next.



  1. You will get the report.

  1. Now when you go into Manual Schedule, the Ministry will be there. As you can see, if you do not remove the extra Alter Server item from the Event, you will have too many.



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