Logos - System: How to run Workstation Setup

How to run Workstation Setup

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Where the word (application) is used below in this documentation, it refers to whichever Logos application you are installing: GL, Logos, Scheduler, Sacreg, Logosms. Substitute one of these words for (application)


  1. Map a network drive to the shared ‘Logoswin’ folder on server. In most cases, this should be the L: drive.


All references below to (application) must be replaced with one of the following: gl, logos, scheduler, Logosms, sacreg; depending upon which application you are running


  1. Navigate through the mapped drive, to the \(application)\workstationsetup folder, and then to the appropriate setup folder for either a 64 bit or 32 bit workstation, depending on which one you have.


  1. Right-click on exe, and choose Run as Administrator.


  1. When the installer starts, accept the agreement, and click Next. When asked to accept a destination folder, browse for “L:\logoswin\(application)” (unless your mapped drive is a letter other than L:). (In some cases the L drive is equivalent to Logoswin. In that case it would simply be L:\(application) for all mappings here and further on in the instructions (when it refers to the server).


  1. In some cases, you will get the following error message:


If you get the above error message, click Ok. Then, change path to “C:\logoswin\(application)”. (You will have to type it in, do not browse to it.) Click Next.  In this case, use the whole path.


  1. Choose the option to create a desktop icon, and complete the installation.



  1. If you had to install to the C:\logoswin\(application) path in Step 5, Right-click on the new desktop icon, and click Properties.



In the Shortcut tab of the properties window, change the Target field to:

L:\logoswin\(application)             OR (depending on how your server is set up)




  1. See if you can log in to your Logos Application.


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