LA A/R - Import A/R Transactions

Create a transaction spreadsheet. Please note that a spreadsheet which is imported into Logos Accounting must be in Excel 5.0 format, or else be saved as a .CSV file. If you’re prompted to save to a different format in excel, do not do so. In order to upload your payroll into Logos Accounting, you’ll need to take the following steps:


  1. In the General Ledger tab of Logos Accounting, go to Import/Export -> Import Data from File. In the window which opens, select AR Transaction Entry (CR Journal) and then click the Browse (…) button to select your file.



  1. Select the file from where you’ve saved it (your desktop, documents, etc). When you have highlighted the file by clicking on it, click the Ok button. Back in Logos, click the Import button.


You may have to map the columns and rows of the spreadsheet the first time you import.

To do so, highlight the column, then use the drop down box to tell the program which header to give it.

  1. Once you post it, it will go to the GL individual transactions window.

From there you can edit, preview, and post the batch.



Example of Accounts Receivable from third party company, but can use it for any transactions.

go into ‘Index’ and enter ‘import’ then click on import AR. Click on the hyperlink to Invoices for this screen.

When using for deposits: (the following format is found in the help files linked above)




IMPORT INVOICES                                                           IMPORT PAYMENT




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