LII Event Registration - Quick Update Event Registration tab at the top

This routine lets you MOVE multiple people from one Attendance group to another or Register multiple persons to the same event/group and apply the same fee(s) to each person.  In both cases, you select the people to update and then define the changes.

      1. Click the Event Registration tab at the top:

  1. Click on the Quick Update Utility icon:
  2. This will take you into the following screen:

  1. Marking the Register Individuals (Batch) will allow you to register a group of individuals at once for the same event and the same fees.
  2. When you click on [Next] a screen will display listing everyone in your People data base. Double click to select each person you want to register into the same event for the same fee.


  1. When you click on [Next] after completing your selection, a list of everyone you selected will display.

  1. If you want to remove anyone from this list, mark the box to the left of their name, then click [Delete] at the bottom. This will just remove that one name from this list of batch registrants.

  1. Now, select the Event you want to register this group of people into and also Add any optional fees.
  2. Process this batch.


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