LA Payroll - Tax: Federal Payroll tax - Pay through EFTPS

Electronic Federal Tax Payment System ¾ Payroll tax obligations to the federal government can be submitted by phone or online at Based on the data you transmit, the Federal Reserve will automatically withdraw the payment from your bank, deposit it in your account, noting the distributions (Social Security, Medicare, etc.) that you indicated.

To register for EFTPS, go to On this web site you can register for TIN, internet password, define your bank information, and manage your accounts. 

To define Accounting to provide EFTPS data, go to Preferences > Payroll screen and mark the EFTPS option.


Posting Report

When you run the Process Payroll routine, a file is updated with your tax obligation information. The Import/Export > Export Taxes to EFTPS/EFT routine then prints the report and clears the file so the next time you run the report, only new data is included.

You then link to your EFTPS account by phone or online and enter the totals from that report.

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