LII People - When Someone Dies

When someone dies, the two simple steps are: (1) flag the record, and (2) add this information to the [Member] tab of Manage People. You may also choose to change the ID (step 3)

Step 1: Flag the record—this simple step will remove the member from most reports. If they have contributed in the past year, are joint givers, and are the .01 record, they will still print on Contribution records. If this is the case and you would like to prevent this, before you flag them, follow the steps below. If they are a Contributor and are not a joint giver, even after their record is flagged, a Contribution Statement will print for them for the current giving year, as their estate is still responsible for taxes and therefore may benefit from the tax deduction this statement will provide.

If they meet the contribution criteria above, prior to flagging them, take the following steps starting with step (a). If they are not a donor or not joint, go directly to step (c).

  1. Change the Account Type from Joint to Single. Enter the deceased person’s name or ID. This will make both the .01 and .02 records Contribution Account Type ‘Single.’


  1. If the .01 passed, transfer the Account History from the .01 record to the .02 record.  This will move all of the contribution history.
  2. Flag the .01 person in Manage People. Once you do this, the Member record will automatically open, allowing you to add the deceased person’s information. (see Step 2)
  3. These steps will now ensure that the surviving spouse gets the contribution statements excluding the deceased spouse’s name.

Step 2: Add information to Member tab—this simply helps you track this information; it has no bearing on who prints on reports.

Step 3: Finally, if married, you may now make the surviving Spouse the .01 record if you choose. To do so, in the [People] tab, select the Update Id’s routine.   You may change the deceased record to a number in the 90s, or any other number not in use, and then move the .02 to the .01 position.  Some customers choose to change the deceased records as follows: .01 = .91; .02 = .92; .03 = .93, etc.

Please note: If the deceased person was enrolled in any Attendance groups, he or she will not print on rosters, lists or labels, but the name will still appear on the group’s Attendance Entry screen when the ‘Show Flagged Records’ check box is marked. This is also true in Manage People.

Once you have run all statistical reports for the current year, you may delete flagged records. Or, you may delete the record directly from the Manage People screen.

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