Facility Scheduler - Calendar: How to export and import to Google Calendar

How to export and import to Google Calendar

Logos Facility Scheduler is being sunset by the year ending 2021. Your account manager has information on our product, ParishSOFT Facility Calendar, which would be an excellent replacement.

This Utilities panel routine lets you select events and export basic data (Event Description, Date, Start Time, End Time, Room Number) to a file for use by Google Calendar. Please Note: A room must be marked as Primary on the Facility tab in order to be included in this export.

  1. After selecting the Export to Google Calendar Icon, you will be prompted for the date range of the events you would like to export.
    • Select One Event  Mark this check box to activate a scroll list of events within the date range entered. Highlight the event that you want to export.
  2. Select Next to proceed to the Select Groups window where you have the option to limit the report to events for one or more groups. If you want them all, just click Next.
  3. You then move to the Output Destinations window where the Export field is preset to "Delimited with Comma", the file format for importing to Google Calendar. This will create a file with a ".csv" extension.
    • Select Print to export the data and bring up a Save As window in which to enter the name and location for the file. The default location is: LOGOSWIN\SCHEDULER\EXPORT\GOOGLE.CSV
    • On a network, the default drive is your network server's drive. You may want to name the file to indicate the month or months covered, or simply retain the generic file name that you repeat each time you re-run this routine.
    • Select Save to create the file and popup a notice of the number of records exported and the location and name of the file.

Importing Data into Google Calendar

The Export to Google Calendar routine creates a file with event data that you can easily merge into Google Calendar. On the Output Destination screen, accept Delimited with Comma, which create a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file that Google Calendar can import. The location for the file is "…\LOGOSWIN\SCHEDULER\EXPORT\GOOGLE.CSV". If running on a network, the file is placed on your network server's drive.

Logos does not manage the Google calendar import as that software belongs to Google. If you import the same events for the same dates three times, the events will display on the Google Calendar three times unless you remove the items from the Google Calendar before each import.

The fields that export from Facility Scheduler's Export to Google Calendar and the corresponding fields in Google Calendar:

Facility Scheduler

Google Calendar




Start Date


Start Time


End Date


End Time


Meeting Organizer


Location *

* Location – This field is populated by the Room Number that is marked as Primary on the Facility tab. If no room is so marked for an event, this field is blank.

Each time you export data, the routine will always overwrites the previous google.csv file No field mapping is required.

Import the Edited File

After exporting the data, open Google Calendar. (You can either create a new calendar that is to contain this event data or import into an existing calendar.) Then –

In the panel to the side of the calendar, click the Down Arrow button next to Add to drop down a menu. Select Import Calendar to open Google's Add Other Calendar Complete these three steps:

Step 1: Select a file  Click the Browse... button to open a window in which to locate the GOOGLE.CSV file that you exported. Highlight the file and double-click it or select the Open button.

Step 2: Choose Calendar  Choose the calendar where these events are to be saved. (If you have not already created a calendar to contain these events, click again on the Down Arrow next to Add and select Create a New Calendar from the menu.

Step 3: Complete Import  Select the Import button. There will be a delay while Google Calendar processes the data, then the screen will indicate the number of records that were imported.

Select the Back to Calendar Then make sure you select the calendar into which the events were imported to view the results.

Google Calendar is a registered trademark of Google.



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