Facility Scheduler - Event Planning: How to Set Up a Recurring Event

How do I set up a Recurring Event?

Create the Event and Save it. (Note: it must be saved to activate the Recurring button)

Next, set to recurring by clicking Recurrences and choosing Set Recurring. Note: if you do not have the 'Recurrences' button, it is likely a permissions issue. Log in using the Administrative Login provided by Logos (Master) and/or update your own User Profile to have these Permissions.

The following window will display: Note: Mark the Days of the week and the Weeks of the Month you would like to Schedule this Recurring Event. If you would like to schedule the event on the same day of each month, see the next paragraph.

To schedule an Event on the exact same day of each month, enter the End Date, then mark the Sporadic radio button. Finally, click the day of the month you would like to schedule this recurring event for each month through the End Date. Use the Right Arrow to move to the next month. See the bullets below to get the full picture.

  • Click through the calendar and make sure the date is made bold for each month.
  • This is where it gets a little quirky.  If the circle is already on the correct date, you will need to move it off this date and then back on to make it bold.
  • However, the date you just moved it to will then be bold and you will need to click on that again to unbold it.
  • Do this each month and make sure that only your date has been made bold.

Once you are done, save it. Then go into the monthly view and scroll through the months, making sure that only your date is scheduled each month.



 Permissions Issue: Make sure Recurring Events is unlocked in System & Users, Users, Maintain Users for your login.

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