LII Contributions - Troubleshooting: Sync.syncmanager is not found (Logos II Contributions)

If you com across the error in the subject line, chances are they moved the old sync program from one server to another instead of downloading a fresh version when they moved servers.

If that is the case, after registering sync manager as shown below, you will also need to create a new task in the sync manager routine by clicking ‘new’ because the existing one is from the old server. (see last page)

You must be logged into the server if the sync is done from the server.

Check c:\windows\Microsoft.Net\Framework they should have a folder "v2.0.50727" which is version 2. In that folder they should have regasm.exe which they can use to register sync.dll.


Open a dos prompt as System Admin and enter the following assuming that you have installed Dashboard sync to c:\logoswin\dashboardsync:


Both paths should be C because you need to be right on server.


To Verify this is set up correctly:

  1. Run a manual sync. This will show that the path is correct.
  2. Check the task manager to make sure the job is there.


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