Go-Global - Install: How to Install the Go-Global Client

How to Install the 4.0 or 4.8 Client: 

Logos Facility Scheduler is being sunset by the year ending 2021. Your account manager has information on our product, ParishSOFT Facility Calendar, which would be an excellent replacement.

  1. Go to the following website: Go-Global Installer Files


  1. Select the ‘installer file’ for the correct computer.
  2. Run this installation.
  3. You will be prompted with installation dialogue. Follow them through until the end. The last button will be Install, then Finish.
  4. Search for the program and launch it.
  5. Enter the host for your go-global client and mark the option to create a desktop icon.
    • The 4.8 client (hosted.logosdc.com); this is the most common client
    • The 4.0 client (hosted.logoscms.com); least often used 
    • Note: If you are uncertain which Host to enter, if you select one and log into the Go-Global Client and your screen is blank, you chose the wrong server. Simply relaunch the program using the above instructions and choose the correct one this time. Only create the desktop icon when you know the correct Host.
  6. You will be prompted for your username and password. Note: When accessing your data through Go-Global, there will be two logins. The first is the Go-Global login. The second is the Logos Login. For your Logos Login Credentials, you must ask your own System Administrator. If you are the System Administrator and are unsure how to set up a new user, you will find the following Help Article Useful: Setting up Logos Login Credentials

Install Printers

This step rarely must be taken. Take this step only if you are not able to print once you have added the Go-Global client and logged into your Logos software.

  1. Clicking File\Printers populates a list of printers that are local to your computer and allows you to add them to Go Global.
  1. Then, once you’re in Logos, must check the printer again, through File  → Printer Setup
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