LII Attendance - Manage Groups: How to create a class 3 days in a week

Step I:   Manage Groups- Create the class in Manage Groups

Step 2: New- or CTRL-N  or Click the New button at the top left of the Window. The cursor will take you to Level 1. Fill in each Level. If there is only one conference class, you only need one Level. NOTE: Even though you are creating a new event, the old values will not clear out. Just ignore them.

Step 3: Day of Week- If the class meets on several days in one week, you must choose ‘Daily’ as the Day of the week[1]. Then, click the ‘Define Dates’ button[2]. Click each day in each week the class meets. (Only use ‘Sporadic’ when the class meets sporadically throughout the year, but not several times in the same week.)

Step 4: Show in Attendance Check-in- If you plan to use the Check-in routine for this class, mark this option.

Step 5: Save- CTRL-S or Click the Save button at the top of the window.

Step 6: Close Manage Groups Routine and Enroll People in the Class. You may enroll them one by one or by using the Quick Update screen if there is a field in the Manage People screen which is unique only to the people you want to enroll in the class.

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