LII People - Pictures: Adding many Pictures to Family or Member records in Logos II all at once

You can also save the image files directly to the logoswin\logos\data\picture folder, and if the file names for your image files follow the naming conventions below they will display correctly in the profiles and in reports:


Individual Pictures - "member_Logos II Member ID.<file extension>". "Logos II Member ID" should have the decimal removed. For example, for an individual with a Logos II ID of 401.03, and when using a .jpg image, the file name of the image should be "member_40103.jpg"


Family Pictures - "family_Logos II Family ID.<file extension>". For example, for family 401, and when using a .png image, the name of the image should be "family_401.png"


Note: After copying the files to the picture folder, check the Refresh Picture files box on the Preferences > Misc tab. Click OK to save, then click the Refresh link on the Notifications box on the home screen for the images to appear after copying them into the \picture folder. That link triggers the system to reload these types of files.


Hosted Customers: You will need to send your picture files to Logos Support, to be placed in the picture folder for you.


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