Logos People - Troubleshooting: LII Contributions- Deleted donor with contribution, need to assign contribution

When a Member with a Contribution is Deleted and need to re-assign contribution

  1. Backup the data
  2. Are they hosted ?
  3. Are they linked (accounting + LII) File/preferences/Program Links *If not, it is simpler
  4. If the programs are linked, unlink them before proceeding.
  5. Use all funds and give date range that encompasses the date given 
  6. Choose the Transactions By Date Report which gives more info Plus mark Show Batch#
  7. Use the batch number to find the batch. Go into Contributions, Batch List. Enter the Batch number and click, Re-select. Make sure you change the date span to encompass the date of the problem entry.
  8. Make note of the individual transaction dates in the batch and set your active date to that date then void the batch with the restore option.
  9. Mark the batch and void it.
  10. Go into Individual Transactions and change the item from Name (Undefined) to the correct contributor and re-post the batch.
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