CNA L&P - Checks Queue: still showing in the queue to print but were already printed

Your check does not need to be printed, but each time you enter into the Checks screen, you get a message telling you that you still have checks to print from an unsuccessful attempt.

All this means is your check is in the queue to print. Until you mark it as having printed properly, it will continue to display there. Clearing the queue will not adversely affect your books, as long as you do not need to print the check.

To clear the check from the queue:

  1. When you go into the checks screen, and get the message, There are checks available for reprinting..., click OK.
  2. Click the check box to the left of only the check number you want to remove from the queue (making sure there is a check mark in the box) and click Print Selected.
  3. This will usually show a PDF of the check. If so, since you have already printed and cleared the check, just close out of the PDF. If a PDF of the check does not display, it will not matter, go to the next step.
  4. At the screen that asks, 'Did checks print OK?' mark Yes, I clicked the Print icon and Check(s) printed correctly.'

This will clear out the 'checks to be printed' queue.

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