PSA L&P - Bills: How to clear a remaining balance on a partially paid bill

How to clear a remaining balance on a partially paid bill

You have a number of options to remove a bill from the bills to pay list if it has been partially paid.

  1. If the remainder of the bill is to be paid then pay it as normal under the Checks icon.
  2. If it was partially paid electronically or manually, you cannot assign another check number to it. You will need to go through the print checks process as you would when printing checks for any other bill.  Once on the Print checks window, you can assign an electronic check number (we recommend using an alpha character at the beginning such as EFT###) or the actual check number if it was handwritten. (see screen print below)  You will then click print checks.

    When you get the Adobe window you can simply close it without printing. Click submit on the 'Did Checks Print Ok' with 'Yes I clicked the Print icon and check(s) printed correctly option' checked.
  1. If you don’t want to pay the bill you will need to assign a check number to the bill and then void the check. Again you will need to assign this check number under the Checks Icon as in Step 2 above.  We recommend assigning a fake check number such as mmddyyV# so that you don’t risk interfering with your normal check sequences; using the numbers associated with the date keeps the number unique; using the V keeps your next actual check number in sequence; and using the # will allow you to increment that number for each check you will be voiding today.  Again you do this on the Print checks window as seen in the screen print below.  Once you have completed the check printing process (there is no need to actually print anything) You will void the check.


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