Logos People - FAQ: Logos Windows 10 Possible Issues

A small fraction of our customers who have updated to Windows 10 have experience intermittent termination of the Logos Program.  We have an update which resolves this issue. If you plan to update to Windows 10, installing this update will preclude this possible issue.

To download your update log in with the Admin login, to the computer or server on which your Logos Application resides, and click the following link or copy it to your browser (IE is recommended):


Log in using the following information:

Login ID:  Win10LU

password: L482BTsn

  • Highlight the item you wish to download.
  • Select the Download option.
  • After you have completed the download, Log Out (upper right hand corner) of the file transfer site.
  • Find the update file in your downloads folder (CTRL-J) and click on it to run it. Follow the prompts. Make sure you browse to the file where the Logos Application resides if necessary.
  • Once you have completed running the update file, log into your Logos Application as usual and begin to work. After a few days, please report back to us your experience.

Note: You will need to download and run each Application Update for each Logos Application you own.

The following updates are available. Select the update which is pertinent to your software application.

Logos Accounting: update_gl.exe

Logos II: update_logos.exe

Logos Ministry Scheduler: update_logosms.exe

Logos Sacramental Register: update_logossr.exe

Logos Facility Scheduler: update_scheduler.exe             

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