LII Contributions - Reports: Has Pledge But No Giving (Statements)

LII TIP Has Pledge No Giving

The following will walk you through the criteria filters to print statements for those who have Pledged to a Pledge Fund but have not yet given to the fund.

  1. Select the Contributions Module
  2. Select the Statements/Letters/Receipts Report
  3. You may choose any of the top three options: Offering Summary, History by date, or Receipt Option
  4. Mark the Print $0.00 Statements option; *this will ensure statements will print for members who have given $0.00 to the selected funds
  5. Mark the Select Multiple Funds option; *this will allow you to narrow down the funds which print on these statements to only the Pledge Fund; the fund selection will be the fourth screen in.


  1. After you select your one fund and click the ‘Next’ button in the lower right corner, you will get to the Search Criteria screen. Select the Contributions Tab. Then, click, ‘Advanced Options’ in the lower right corner of Contributions Search Criteria Screen.                                                                                                                                             
  1. On the Advanced Options screen, under 1. Select Type, Mark the ‘Select by Pledge Fund’ radio button and use the down arrow to select the correct fund. Under that, mark the radio button for ‘Select by Date Pledge Defined’ which means the first date the Pledge was available. Leave 2. Select Operator to ‘Is Equal To.’ And enter 3. Select Value as the first date of the Pledge Campaign. Click the Add button at the bottom left.
  2. (Only do this next step if you want to also include Statements of those who Gave) In the Standard Options Contributions Search Criteria Tab, Mark the radio button for ‘Given in Date Range’ under 1. Select a Field. Then, Select the Fund from the drop down. Finally, enter the amounts from .01 – 999,999. Click Done. Highlight the top line of Selection Criteria then click on the word ‘Or’ at the bottom left.

Once you have made all of these selections, you should get statements for those who Pledged for the selected Pledge Campaign but did not give within the time frame selected in the last step. If you included Step 8, you will also have Statement for those who gave.

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