DFS Remote Solutions - Troubleshooting: Unexpected Server Authentication Certificate error

Unexpected Server Authentication Certificate error

Issue: While connecting to Remote Solutions the following error appears.


  1. Run a search for Remote Desktop.
  2. Right click Remote Desktop Connection and run as administrator.
  1. Make sure the computer name references the correct RS connection (ie. Hosted.parishsoft.com, remoteaccess.parishsoft.com)
  2. Click the Show Options dropdown.
  1. Select the Advanced tab and under Server authentication change the dropdown to “Connect and don’t warn me”
  1. Click Connect and log into Remote Solutions.
  2. Accept any certificates that come up. This should allow you to log in successfully.
  3. After this process has been completed once, the user should be able to connect successfully using the icon on their desktop without running as administrator again.
  4. This process will need to be repeated for each user’s desktop.




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