What's New in Version 5.0.25

These release notes keep you informed about the latest features and changes available in release V of ParishSOFT Family Suite.


Family Directory Fixes

Family/Member Details Screen Does Not Resize Based on Window Size

The Family/Member Details modal was not resizing for smaller monitors, which was causing the full modal to not display therefore the Edit Details and Close buttons were not accessible to customers with smaller monitors.


Error Message When Selecting Family Record

Users Encounter "Object Reference Not Set To An Instance Of An Object" Error When Accessing Certain Families


Reports Tab Missing in Family Directory Without Print Access

Users lacking Print access rights across all ParishSOFT Family Suite modules couldn't view the Reports menu in Family Director, even when specifically granted Print access solely in Family Directory.


Religious Education Fixes

Error Occurs When Redirecting to Family from Student & Volunteers

When users select a student from the Students grid in Religious Education, they encounter an error message stating, “Could not find Family Suite address to redirect you back,” upon attempting to navigate to the associated Family Record.


Administration Fixes

Organization Search Missing When Adding Staff Assignments

When adding additional staff assignments to an existing staff record, the Organization Search did not list all possible organizations the user should see.


Accounting Integration Permission Section Missing from Staff Assignments

The Accounting Integration section in Manage Staff > Access Rights was not showing for organizations that are correctly linked to a PS Accounting database.


Merge Lookup Values Functionality Not Operational

Under Administration > Lookups, the Merge Lookup Values process was non-functional. Despite entering the Permanent and Duplicate Lookup IDs and clicking the Merge button, the page refreshed but the lookups remain unmerged.


Broken Link under Administration > Lookups

When clicking on the # symbol within Administration > Lookups, no action was occurring. This has been corrected and now triggers a display of the number of records, in the selected organization, which possess the corresponding lookup value within their record.


Offering Fixes

Error When Accessing DM or Offering

Users were receiving an error message of “You are not authorized to view this application” when attempting to access DM and Offering.




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