What's New in Version 5.0.28

These release notes inform you about the latest features and changes in ParishSOFT Family Suite's v5.0.28 release.



New Endpoint: Retrieve Member Workgroup Names and IDs

A new endpoint has been created to return Member Workgroups for the organization(s) associated with the used API key. The functionality of this endpoint is as follows:

If the API key is assigned to a Diocese organization type, member workgroups from all organizations will be returned.

If the API key is assigned to other organization types, only member workgroups from the organizations linked to the API key in the Admin Tool will be returned.

The data returned for each record includes the following fields:

  • Id
  • Name
  • Organization Id



Resolving 'Cannot auto-fill family names. No member exists.' Error

When exporting a member record into a new family record, the autofill functionality failed if the selected member lacked a Member Salutation value, resulting in a 'Cannot auto-fill family names. No member exists.' error message.

Regardless of whether a member has a salutation value when a user exports the member to their family record, the Auto Fill Family Name fields will be correctly populated on the Add New Family page without error.


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