BILL Integration: Recommended Workflow for Paying Bills Electronically

This article describes the recommended process for creating bills and submitting them to BILL for approval and payment to vendors.

Your organization must be licensed and configured to use the integration. For licensing and purchasing information, contact ParishSOFT Sales.

For best results, follow the instructions in these steps in the order given.


Step 1. Create a Bill

After receiving an invoice from a vendor, create a bill as you typically do in ParishSOFT Accounting.

You can choose to pay a bill by check in ParishSOFT Accounting or you can push the bill to the BILL platform for approval and payment electronically or by check.

  1. In Ledger & Payables, click Bills.png to open the Bill Information page.
  2. Select the bill to pay. At a minimum, for each bill supply the following:
    • From the Bank Account Dropdown.png dropdown, select the bank account from which the funds for bill payments are withdrawn. If paying the bill through BILL, this must be a bank account you set up as a BILL bank account.
    • From the Vendor Dropdown.png dropdown, select the name of the BILL vendor.
    • In the Invoice Number field, enter the unique number to identify the invoice.
    • In the Invoice Date field, select or enter the invoice date as recorded on the vendor’s invoice.
  3. By default, all bills for a vendor linked to BILL automatically sync to your BILL account. Do one of the following:
    • If you want the bill paid on BILL, leave the Do Not Upload to checkbox deselected, as shown below:
    • If you want to pay the bill (by check) in ParishSOFT Accounting, select the Do Not Upload to checkbox.


  1. Click Submit.png.
    • If you select to upload the bill, the system displays a message to inform you that the bill details were successfully created and sent to BILL. Go to Step 2.
    • If you selected not to upload the bill, the system sends the bill to the queue for payment by check.


Step 2. Review, Approve, and Pay a Bill

After a bill is created in ParishSOFT Accounting and submitted to BILL, users with the appropriate BILL permissions can view the bill, approve it, and submit it for payment from the BILL platform.

  1. Log in to your organization’s BILL account.
  2. Open the Bills page.
  3. Follow your organization’s process for reviewing, approving, and paying bills. If you have configured roles and permissions for bill payment, only authorized users can participate in the bill pay process and perform the duties defined by their role.
  4. Select the bill to be paid, enter the payment details, and pay it.

If a vendor is paid from a bank account, the system does not allow same-day processing. Depending on the day, it may take up to 24 hours for the transaction to be recorded in ParishSOFT Accounting.

On the process date selected for the bill, BILL withdraws funds for the payment from the specified bank account. On that same date, BILL sends payment information for the bill to ParishSOFT Accounting.

You must now create a payment record in ParishSOFT Accounting for the bill processed on BILL.


Step 3. Create a Payment Record for a Bill

We highly recommend that at least once a day or, at a minimum, once a week, you perform this step to find BILL payments that were processed in BILL and create payment records for them in your ParishSOFT Accounting System.

After BILL withdraws the funds from the account for bill payment, it sends payment information to ParishSOFT Accounting. Note that, depending on the type of transaction or the process date, it can take a few days or even weeks for the transaction to appear in ParishSOFT Accounting. After the payment information is received in ParishSOFT Accounting, you need to verify the payment and create a record for it in ParishSOFT Accounting. Follow these steps:

  1. In Ledger & Payables, click Payments.png to open the Payments page.
  2. At the top of the page, click the Payments link.
    The Processed Payments page lists the bill payments processed on BILL. The date shown at the top of the page is the last date payments from BILL were processed in ParishSOFT Accounting.
  1. Verify the accuracy of each payment in the list. To do this, click View.png to check the payment details (for example, the process date, vendor name, and payment amount).
  2. Do one of the following:
    • If the information looks correct for all the bill payments, create a record for each payment in ParishSOFT Accounting. To do this, click Apply Payments.png.
    • If you discover an issue with a given payment, try to determine the source of the issue, and then contact Support for assistance. For example, if the payment shown is incorrect in ParishSOFT Accounting but correct on BILL, contact ParishSOFT Support. On the other hand, if the payment was not correctly processed on BILL, contact BILL Support for help.

After the payment records are created in ParishSOFT Accounting, each bill is marked as “Paid” or “Partially Paid.”


Step 4. View Payment Details for a Bill

Payments applied to the bill appear in the bill’s record. To view the payment details, complete the following:

  1. In Ledger & Payables, click Bills.png to open the Bill Information page.
  2. Click the Find Bill link to open the Bill Search page.
  3. If necessary, select filters to find the bill. Then, click .
  4. In the row containing the desired bill, click to open the bill record.
    As shown in the following illustration, bill payments appear at the bottom of the bill record. In the Paid column, Y indicates a paid item, and N indicates an unpaid item. The Total field shows the bill total. The Check Number field provides a link to the check.

  1. ParishSOFT Accounting creates a check for the bill payment. Click the link in the Check Number field to view check details. For example:

The check shows details for the bill payment, including the name of the vendor, the amount paid, and the cost for each purchased item. The Check Number field shows the check number.

Checks created from bills paid through BILL show “ACH” before the check number.


Step 5. View Transactions Paid on BILL in ParishSOFT Reports

In ParishSOFT Accounting, transactions paid on BILL appear in the same reports as other types of bill payments. Each report focuses on a specific aspect of the bill. The Check Register report, for example, shows check details and includes details for transactions processed through your BILL account. The Vendor Audit report lists BILL vendors and includes payments paid electronically to them through BILL.

To access reports:

  1. In Ledger & Payables, click Reports.png to open the Reports page.
  2. Open the Standard Reports group.
    Information on BILL transactions is commonly found in these reports:

In these reports, BILL transactions are typically preceded with an “ACH” prefix.

  • Transactions > Bill List
  • Transactions > Check List
  • Transactions > Check Register
  • Transactions > Journal Entry List
  • Statements > Statement of Activities
  • Accounts > Account Audit
  • Vendors > Vendor Audit
  • Vendors > Basic List


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