What's New in Version 5.0.29

These release notes inform you about the latest features and changes in ParishSOFT Family Suite's v5.0.29 release.


Single Row Per Parish Export for DM Parish Master Report

A new export option has been added to the Development Manager Parish Master Report. This option provides the same data as existing report options but organizes it in a single row per parish in the exported file.

  • To export the file in the new format:
  • Click the Export icon in the top right corner.

image (3).png

  • Hover over the Excel option to reveal the Spreadsheet or Single Row options.
    • Spreadsheet: Exports the current format, with each parish on a separate sheet within the Excel workbook.
    • Single Row: Exports the new format, with each parish on a single row.
  • An example of the new format is shown below.



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