PSFS MOC - My Education | Online Registration: How to set up online registration and fee payment

With My Own Church, users can conveniently register their children for Religious Education classes and make payments in one place. After registering for classes online, users can pay the class fees via their My Own Church portal in the My Education tab.

Please note: Before setting up Online Registration and Fee Payment, the Term, Classes, and Sessions must have been created.

Setting Up Online Registration

  1. Enable Registration and Payments: This is done in the Religious Education Settings.
  2. Select the Term: Choose the relevant term from the drop-down box.


Pro Tip: Update your Lookup table to display relevant terms and set the current term as your default.

  1. Access Online Registration Setup: Click on Registration on the left navigation bar, then select Online Registration Setup at the top of the page.

  1. Activate Registration: Toggle on Registration, enable the appropriate Sessions, and then set the Registration Start & End Dates.

  1. Save Changes: Click the Save Changes button in the bottom right corner to implement the changes you have created.

You have now completed the necessary setup for online registration. If you have enabled Payments, follow the steps below to set up your fee payment option. 

There are two options for online fee payment: ParishSOFT Giving and an External Link.

Note: Your ParishSOFT or WeShare giving site has been automatically connected to your Religious Education Module.



Setting Up ParishSOFT Giving Fee Payment

  1. Enable Payments: Below the Registration setup is the Payments setup. Toggle on Payments and select the ParishSOFT Giving radio button.

  1. Enter Student Fee: Click the Pencil icon in the Fee Per Student box to enter the Student Fee. In the Fee Per Student window, you can choose either a Flat Fee or Additional Student Discount.


    • Flat Fee: This charges the same price for each child, regardless of how many children are registered.
      • Fee Label and Fee Amount are required fields.
      • The Fee Label allows you to name the fee payment, and Fee Per Student is the amount that will be charged for each student who is registered.
      • Once you have entered the Fee Label and Fee Per Student Amount, click the Save Changes button.


    • Additional Student Discount: This allows you to set a different fee payment for when multiple students are registered.
      • Fee Label and Fee Amount are required fields.
      • You can click the + icon to add additional fee payments.
      • If you add too many fee payment fields, you can click the Trash Can icon to remove one or more.
      • Click the Save Changes button once you have created all the necessary fee amounts.

Note: Here is a breakdown of how the two fee structures work:
Flat Fee: Registering three children at a flat fee of $50 will total $150.
Additional Student Discount: Registering three students with the amounts listed above will total $85. The first student is $50, the second student is $25, and all additional students are $10.

  1. Create a Fee Cap (optional): Click the Pencil icon in the Fee Cap box to enter a fee cap.  A fee cap limits the amount a family will be charged when registering their students. Once you have entered your Fee Cap Amount, click the Save Changes button.

  1. Create Discounts (optional): If needed, you can also create Discounts by clicking the + Discount button.

    • Clicking the + Discount button will open the Discount window.
      • Per Student Discount will take off a specific dollar amount of each student registered.
      • Percentage Off will remove a percentage off the overall total.
      • Total Discount will remove a flat dollar amount from the overall total.
    • Once you have entered the Discount Name, selected the Discount Type, and entered the corresponding dollar amount, click Save Changes. You can create multiple Discounts by clicking the + Discount button.

Note: Each discount created will be visible for anyone who registers online.

  1. Select Giving Fund: The last step is to select which Giving Fund fee payments will go into. From the Fund drop-down list, select the appropriate giving fund. You may need to go into ParishSOFT Giving if the fund has not already been created.


Note: If you do not see any funds in the drop-down list, please contact ParishSOFT Support .

  1. Save Changes: Click the Save Changes button in the bottom right corner to implement the changes you have created.



Personalize Your Payment Form

The fee payment form has now been created in your ParishSOFT Giving account.

Follow these steps to personalize your payment form in your ParishSOFT Giving account:

  1. Access the Form: Log in to your ParishSOFT Giving account. Navigate to the Forms section to find the newly created fee payment form. The form will follow the naming convention “Parish name - Religious Education - Term”.
  2. Select the Form: Click on the name of the form you want to personalize.

  1. Open Form Properties: Click on Form Properties at the bottom of the page.

  1. Personalize Your Form: Within the Form Properties window, you can add a note to the top of your giving page or rename your form.

  1. Enable Member Portal: Click on the Payment tab at the top of the window and select the Enable Member Portal checkbox. This allows your parishioners to log in to their giving accounts.

  1. Set Up Email Receipts: Click on the Email tab and check the Send Email Receipt checkbox.
    • Here, you can add the email address from which receipts will be sent. We suggest using an email that is recognizable as associated with the Parish.
    • You can also customize the verbiage in the email receipt.

Asset 3.png

  1. Save Changes: Click Done once you have made the appropriate edits. You will be directed back to the payment form. Click the Save Changes button in the bottom right corner.

  1. Publish Your Form: Click Publish on the Save Form window that appears.

Pro Tip: Personalizing your form can enhance the user experience for your parishioners and make the giving process more efficient and user-friendly. For more information on personalizing your giving forms, refer to the Form Header Images and Form Properties Overview help articles.



Setting Up an External Link Fee Payment

If you do not have ParishSOFT Giving or do not wish to integrate it with your Religious Education online registration, you can link to an external payment method.

  1. Select External Link: Select the External Link radio button under Payments.
  2. Enter URL: Type or paste in the URL related to your external payment source.

  1. Save Changes: Click the Save Changes button in the bottom right corner to implement the changes you have created.


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