PSG Settings - Data Export: CSV's from Parishsoft Giving won't import into the Family Suite; Steps to Change the file and Import

How to convert the ParishSOFT Giving CSV files into the format accepted by Parishsoft Family Suite

These steps will remove the space around the amount in the amount field which is present in ParishSOFT Giving exported files. This is necessary because Parishsoft Family Suite will not accept the spaces.

  1. In ConnectNow Giving, save the file to your computer (any location that you will remember).
  2. in Excel, open the file and choose file (1) and Save As (2).
  3. As long as CSV is still listed as the “Save as type”, click “Save” and save it to your computer (any location that you will remember).
  4. If you save it to the same location, a dialog box will display; choose “Yes” to replace the original file.
  5. Another dialog box will display with a warning that if you used newer Excel features, they are not compatible with the CSV format; choose the “Yes” option.
  6. Close Excel.
  7. You may now import the file into Parishsoft Family Suite.

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