CNA L&P: Can I re-open a Credit Card Reconciliation?


How to Reopen my Credit Card Reconciliation

If you are under an organization who manages your ConnectNow Accounting Options, such as a diocese, you must contact them and ask them to do the following: (Note: Support is not authorized)

If you are an independent organization, you must ask your Church Administrator to contact Support via email and request that Support do the following:

  1. Re-open your Credit Card Reconciliation. You must include the name of the Credit Card Account and the date of the Credit Card Reconciliation to be re-opened.
  2. Keep in mind, if the Credit Card Reconciliation in question is from a prior accounting period, you will also want them to re-open the accounting month for which the Credit Card Reconciliation is dated.
  3. You will need to re-close each Credit Card Reconciliation and/or month that is opened. 




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