LA Payroll - Tax Forms: State ID updates

How to update State IDs on the Logos Tax Forms

To enter your state ID so it populates the W-2 tax forms, go to File, Preferences, Payroll, Tax Liabilities.  Click the State Taxes Tab. You will see the State ID (SEIN) field. Most states use the format: ##-#######. Wisconsin uses 15 digits however, and to fit them all on the forms, you must eliminate the dash.


Even though the number of digits allowed in the entry field is 21, only 15 display on the W-2 screen.

And only 15 digits print on the 2up Copy A, Copy D, Copy 1 Blank Paper forms.

15 digits also print on the 2up Pre-Printed form, but expect alignment issues.

Only 12 digits print on the 4up Copy B & C Blank Paper form.


If you didn't have the State ID entered in Preferences when you first generated the W-2, you must use the Recalculate All button at the bottom of the form to populate the field. Or, if you enter the number in the form, to save your changes, if you aren't printing them right away, you must complete going through all the form screens and at the last screen click the Finish button.



1099 Tax Form

the State ID for the 1099 forms goes in the Account Information for each Vendor. Once you have filled that in, the 1099 form will populate the number as it was entered. If you have already generated the 1099 form, you must use the recalculate button to refresh that field in each Vendor or Recalculate All button to do them all at once. Although 15 digits are allowed on the 1099 Entry Form, only 14 will actually print on the 1099. States like Wisconsin who use a 15 digit code must add the last digit manually.

Only 14 digits will print on this form.


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