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How to use/edit the Quick Access ToolBar

Quick Access Tool Bar

The Quick Access Tool Bar is initially "docked" directly above the Ribbon. You may prefer to dock it directly below the Ribbon. Click your mouse on the Down Arrow icon on the toolbar to popup the Customize Quick Access Toolbar menu.

Two icons are automatically provided on this toolbar to give you quick access to frequently-used functions:

Calendar Icon

To change the date for entries you are making or reports you want to print, select the Calendar icon and then choose the desired date from the Set Active Date window that opens.


To open Preferences from anywhere in the program, select the Preferences icon.

Help Icon

The Help file (Question Mark) icon is not on this toolbar, but is always visible at the far right end of the Ribbon. You can also press F1 to open Help from anywhere in the program.

Additional Icons can easily be added to the toolbar by right-clicking on the Ribbon item you wish to add. A menu pops up, giving the option to Add to Quick Access Toolbar. For example, you could add...

Video Tutorial Icon  (Help Tab)

Many routines activate this icon, allowing you to view a video tutorial, a brief "walk-through" of the procedures for that routine.

Secretary's Assistant  (File Menu)

This Wand icon opens the Secretary’s Assistant routine that guides you through end-of-year procedures and managing data when a person's family status changes (e.g., marriage, divorce, etc.)

Data Entry, Reports, Utilities, Setup, Etc.

Any routine on any tab on the Ribbon can be added to the toolbar at any time. Once you've added an item, move your Mouse over the icon to popup a tool tip about that routine.


Selecting an icon from the tool bar does not change the active module. Thus, you may open a data entry routine in a different module, make your entries, and still remain where you were on the Ribbon.

Command Bars

An editing/navigation "toolbar" is built into many data entry routines, providing a convenient way to add, save, etc. Not all routines provide the same icons. Here are some typical icons:

New icon

Edit icon

Save icon

Cancel icon

Delete icon

Some routines also provide icons to navigate between records...

First, Prev, Next, Last icons

Manage People and Quick Entry Form provide three specialized command bars for adding or editing information on people.








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