LA Payroll: How to Void Payroll Checks

How to void payroll checks

This Payroll Data Entry routine lets you mark a check as void and set its amount to $0.00.

DO NOT use this routine if a payroll check was lost or damaged and must be replaced, as this will delete payroll information for the staff member. See Replace a Payroll Check for the recommended method to use.

Use this routine only when a check was issued in error. Voiding a check removes the original check from the list of outstanding checks. It also creates a duplicate set of entries for the Void on the date (See below.) that are the reverse of the original transactions for all GL Accounts impacted by this check. If any Vacation, Sick, or Personal Time was used on this check, those hours are restored to the employee's record.

The number of the voided check cannot be re-used for a new check. This would create problems in your bank reconciliation.

Voiding a Payroll check does not impact any AP Transactions created to pay tax/withholding obligations. It will, however, create new AP transactions to reflect the voided payroll check, sending credit amounts for the tax liabilities and other deductions. Those credits negate the original AP postings.


  1. Starting/Ending Check - Type the numbers printed on the first and last check IN SEQUENCE that you need to void.
  2. Checking Account - Select the checking account used for the above checks.
    • Void on the date that you want to attach to the voiding transactions. This date should match the date of the original payment, if possible.
    • Void on Date Issued – Mark this check box if you are voiding a range of checks that were issued on different dates and you want them voided as of the date each one was written. NOTE: The new VOID batch that is created by this routine will be dated as of the last check in the series.
  3. Select Verify to open a window listing the selected checks.If you entered check numbers for GL accounts that no longer exist or that have been changed, the Run Report window opens so that you can preview or print the Verify Voided Checks report that explains the problem. When an account that was used in a check transaction in the previous year has been deleted or changed in a new year, in order to void that check you must either set the Void on a date within the previous year or recreate the missing GL account in the new year.
  4. If you entered check numbers that have not been posted or that have been marked as cleared in Bank Reconciliation, you are told: "No checks were selected to be voided. They may have been already cleared or may not exist"
  5. If any checks shown should not be voided, select just the one(s) to void.
    • Click your mouse on a specific check to highlight it.
    • Hold down the Shift key and click your mouse on another check to highlight a range of checks.
    • Hold down the Ctrl key and click your mouse on individual checks to retain the highlight on only those checks.
  6. Select Post to proceed with voiding the highlighted checks. An alert will notify you if the Void on Date is in a period that has been closed. Then print the posting report.

All Check reports will now show "Void" for this check and offsetting check entries will appear for the date entered, reversing the original amount of the check from the account(s) that were impacted.


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